About Us

As golf enthusiasts we know that there are many factors contributing to the golf industry’s recent challenges. Many golf clubs around Australia are struggling to gain new members and keep current members.
The costs of maintaining the course and facilities are increasing rapidly. The ability to fund club expenses via selling off unused land is more and more challenging. Many clubs just don’t have any spare land to sell. Poker machine revenue is not what it was in previous decades and is continuing to decline at many golf clubs.
Plus the reality is most clubs don’t have the time to advertiseor run year- in year-out marketing campaigns that truly connect with their target market.


At The Golf Advisor we are passionate about helping golf clubs connect and grow their membership.
Our Directors are experienced in business. Our Directors are experienced ingolf.
Our Directors are on the boards of several companies and have worked as General Managers and CEOs of Australian Companies.

If you think NOW is the right time for your business to grow please contact The Wine Advisor direct via jemma@thegolfadvisor.com.au

Jemma will arrange a phone meeting with one of our Directors so you can ask questions about our service. We can also then gain a greater understanding of your business and its present challenges.