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Question: If we were sitting down together, 12months from now and reviewing your golf club’s financial success, what would have to happen for your golf club to increase its member base, revenue and profit?
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Who do we help?
i) If you are a golf club wanting to increase membership and in particular engage current members in the 30-45 year old age demographic.ii) If you don’t have time to run a ‘year-in year-out’ marketing campaign, but realise that if your club is not trying to grow, then the alternative is far worse.

iii) If you need help to create a successful road map for your club and most importantly construct a compelling offer for prospective 30 to 45 year old members.

If you fall into one of these three categories, then ‘The Golf Advisor’is THE right outsourced marketing solution to help your club,your membership and your profitability grow.At ‘The Golf Advisor’ we are aware that many golf clubs around Australia are struggling to increase membership.Most clubs are not only time poor, but also resource poor to create a sustainable marketing campaign to promote and grow their club.The Golf Advisor will help market your golf club through connecting and growing the most important age group, the 30 to 45 year old members.


If you think NOW is the right time for your golf club to grow please contact The Golf Advisor direct via jemma@thegolfadvisor.com.au.

Jemma will arrange a phone meeting with one of our Directors so you can ask questions about our service. Wee can also then gain a greater understanding of your club and its present challenges.